Life changing is probably the best way to describe the experience I had using Firefly. I had been in pain for months and because of the pain & other side effects such as sleep disruption were impacting my daily life in a very negative way. I just felt bad . I have been using holistic methods for years and was managing but unable to get the results I needed.

After having the scan which identified the parasites and bacteria in my body I started light therapy and the recommended protocol. I had 2 light treatments on a Friday and felt a little better and returned on Monday for 2 more. After the 2nd treatment on Monday the pain had gone from a 10 to a 1 and I had an uninterrupted nights sleep for the first time in months. I had a scheduled trip the following week and was unable to get additional treatments but the pain level continued to be low . Also recovery time had decreased whenever I would aggravate my knee during the course of walking, standing and stairs. As I continued to do the therapy my knee continued to improve but the overall effect on my body was amazing! I no longer was experiencing that aching sensation all over my body and I felt like a new person! I have been pain free for over a month 🙌🏻

After this experience I’m certainly planning to continue to use Firefly as a part of my wellness care.

I’m sure there’s qualified people who are offering Firefly treatments but I’m confident you will not find any better than Divine Health Alliance. You always want a qualified person working with you but you get much more than that with these ladies! Jennifer and Helen both exude a servants heart and love for people! Jennifer took great care in giving me a protocol of what I needed to do to get well but she also listened and addressed every single question I had (which was a lot). Helen did an emotional release on me that was absolutely incredible and resulted in an immediate physical reaction of relaxation and peace that still continues.

Yes I highly recommend Firefly and Divine Health Alliance. You have the best – a therapy that works and treatments where you walk away knowing you are valued and loved!
I’m so grateful God led my sister to these ladies and that she shared with me!