Daily Energy Clearing for you, your family, and pets residing in your home!

Helen and Jennifer will clear your energy and the energy in your physical home on a daily basis. This offering also includes clearing for all of the people and pets residing in the house with you.

Helen and Jennifer will tap into the energy of the group each morning and assess where there are blocks or low energy. They will remove any negative energy or interference detected and ensure that your energy and your family’s energy is spinning freely and in the right direction. They will also set the intention to protect you and your house. They will also bring in the spirit of love, life, health, abundance, prosperity and happiness and joy.

Those currently on the monthly subscription program have noted an increased feeling of calm and groundedness in their lives as well as more flow. Some have also reported an uptick in health, happiness, abundance and prosperity.

Join today to usher in more positive energy and allow your family to thrive every day!