We have been seeing Helen and Jennifer for a few months now. We initially planned on only my husband getting treatment but after seeing the positive results we are all clients. We are a family of 6, with kids ranging 19 months -12 years.

Our 12 year old in particular had always struggled with all day fatigue. We has seen so many practitioners over the years and they had never been able to resolve it. After a few firefly treatments our 12 year old is a completely different child. He’s smiling, and able to participate in sports now, where in the past he wouldn’t have the energy to exert himself for that long. He very rarely complains of fatigue.

We are seeing similar results with our other 3 children as well. They have all been much happier, less fighting with each other due to emotions.

Our kids look forward to treatment day when it’s their turn for firefly. They all love how great they feel afterwards and boy do they sleep better at night too.

Helen and Jennifer are very caring, knowledgeable and so patient, especially when we all 6 of us show up for appointments. We have spent thousands and thousands with other practitioners who have only pushed a million supplements with no results. We are finally seeing results and do we wish we had started seeing Divine Health years ago ❤️