On Angels Wings – sacred passage guide

On Angels Wings - sacred passage guide

Sacred passage guide for peaceful and divine end of life transition.

The death and dying process can seem confusing and often times frightening for individuals as well as their family members.

We believe this process can actually be a beautiful and sacred one when loved ones have comfort that their voices and wishes are heard and when they gain comfort in understanding what is possible on the other side. The same holds true for the caretaker and family members of the dying individual – knowing they are at peace and ready to transition even if they are not able to physically communicate.

During a sacred passage session, Helen energetically and spiritually calms the central nervous system as the body and soul align and prepare to transition. She calls in the individual’s divine spirit guides, religious dieties and angels to ensure the path is cleared and qreceive beautiful channeled messages from loved ones and their guides.

Helen is able to communicate with those not able to communicate in the physical form ( Alzheimer’s, comas, no longer responsive) and share messages from them for their families.